Sexist or a Misunderstanding?

So I had an experience today that I figured I would ask the internet’s opinion on, so this isn’t actually a full entry, but more of a question.

Today, for lunch, a male co-worker and I ran over to Panda Express.  Since he had paid for lunch a few days earlier, it was my turn.  We got to the cashier, told him we were paying together, and I handed the man cash.  The man proceeded to hand the change to my co-worker, then looked at him and asked if he would like a receipt.  This question kind of got overlooked by the obvious act of my co-worker handing me the change that was actually mine, and I loudly and firmly told the cashier, that no, I did not need the receipt.

So my question is, am I over-reacting and maybe this was a simple misunderstanding, or does this seem seriously messed up that even though I had paid, I was not given my own change and apparently it was not up to me whether or not I get the receipt for something my money had gone to?

I got pretty upset, but then I hesitated and wondered whether or not I was just being paranoid over nothing?

So what are all of your thoughts on this?


My Weekend Off

So I failed my NaBloPoMo.  I made it 8 days, which I guess is decent.  Truth is, I had some stressful things going on this weekend, and it was occupying my brain far too much, and I’m trying not to mix my own personal issues with what I’m doing here.  So there’s that.  I will be getting back to it, and hopefully I won’t miss any more days this month, I’ve really enjoyed this so far, and I don’t want to turn back now.

…And Forget to Live

For some reason, everywhere I turn lately, there have been people discussing the subject of what they want out of life.  I cannot deny that this is an important thing to know and focus on.  Without goals in life, we are aimlessly wandering and we would never have made it where we are in this world.  Please do not take anything I am about to say to mean that I don’t value goals, purpose, and going after what we want. 

I see everybody talking about what they want out of life and where they’re going, but I see people who focus so strongly on these goals, they’re completely unadaptable, and that legitimately scares me.  As cliché as this sounds, the world is always changing and people are always changing.  It’s a touching story when we hear about those people who had a dream from when they were a child and grow up to fulfill it, but what about those people who have a dream when they’re a child, spend their whole life chasing after it, and forget to live the rest of their life?

As I’m writing this, all I can think of is a great line by the one and only Albus Dumbledore, so I shall leave you with that as a closing.


It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.

The Infinite Possibility of Words

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine today.  We were having one of our normal debates, he was giving me the merits of math and science, and I was giving him the merits of reading and writing.  Normally, these debates don’t really go much of anywhere, because we both know that both sides are beneficial, and it’s just our personal preferences that make the difference.  Today, however, it took a different turn.  Somehow, we got to the point where we were debating which one was more infinite.  His argument for math and science was that it covers the vastness of the universe, goes beyond what we know, and therefore is more infinite than writing, which can only reach the limits of what our brains can imagine.  My argument for reading and writing was that math and science will always only have 1 right answer for every problem, and once you solve it, that’s it.  Sure, it may open up other things, but each of those things will still have an answer that we can reach and then move on.  Reading and writing don’t have just one answer.  You can come to your own conclusions about you think something means, but then you can talk to someone else, and they’ll have an entirely different interpretation.  That, in turn, may open up more things in your mind that you hadn’t thought of before, and so your thoughts and understanding of the words will keep going, and it has no finite ending.

Eventually, we, yet again, reached the point where we both accept that the other’s argument has validity, and we just move on.  And yet, I’m still thinking about it.  I’ve got this infinite idea of words stuck in my head now.  I know, it’s been said before in at least 50 different ways that words and writing are ever-powerful, but I’ve never thought before quite so much about the vastness of it.  Not vastness as in how many languages, stories, writings, etc. there are, but vastness as in what all it is capable of.  One sentence can change your mood.  One conversation can change your day.  One story can change your life.  We all have a story or a book that we keep going back to, the pages are worn from being read so many times, and every time we return to it, we take something new away from it based on where we are in our lives at the time.  For me, personally, it’s Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  Depending on my mood or what’s going on in my life, I can turn to a specific chapter, and something in it will always make me feel better or give me a new perspective.  For me, that story has no end, and what it has done for me is endless.

That, to me, is the true meaning of infinite.  Despite it being the same book every time I open it, it continues to change and adapt into exactly what I need.  I can talk to someone else who has read it and what they’ve taken out of it can be completely different than what I’ve taken, and then it just continues its endless journey through our minds and hearts.

NaBloPoMo/Is This Election Over Yet?

Well, I’ve already dropped the ball. Today was the first day of National Blog Posting Month, and I had the full intention of doing so. But then I got caught up in life and next thing I knew, it was after 2:00am. So, I guess my first post is about failing. But I will throw this in, because I think we can all relate to this poor little girl. As much as I’m fighting in this election, and as much as I have been debating, arguing, getting involved in any way I can, I’m still very tired of it and ready for it to be over. The day after the election, no matter what the outcome, I’m just going to sit back and take a breather.

Hurricane Sandy

There’s no denying that Sandy is kicking New York’s ass, and as our thoughts are with those struggling with floods, fires, falling trees and branches, power outages, and any number of other things, we need to remember that there is something we can do.  I encourage everyone to give what they can, so these people can get what they need in order to make it through.