Even if I had absolutely no interest in who’s running, who to vote for, or what happens to this country, this picture right here is enough for me. In the early 1900s, women gathered across the world and fought for their right to vote against all odds. They marched, they picketed, they were even arrested, just so that they could vote for who leads their country. For women now to see that and still not vote is basically throwing that back in their face and saying, “Thanks for all your stress and hard work, but I don’t want it.”

Now on to my next point. I refuse to see being busy today as a valid excuse. Whatever else you’re doing today, you can make time to enter a ballot. It is your right, your privilege, and your duty as an American citizen. And if that’s not enough, read about this woman who was in labor, and still stopped to vote on her way to the hospital. It pretty much makes your excuse invalid.


2 thoughts on “Vote!

  1. (e)m says:

    Wow, Labor. She wins. All I did was vote on Crutches.

  2. wordofwoz says:

    Kudos to you as well for that!

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