Separate Church and State

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house.  That’s what was happening with me tonight, so I found myself going to see the new Denzel Washington movie, Flight.  Overall, it was a decent film, but there were some things in there that I wasn’t a fan of.  For starters, the whole thing seemed like one big PSA for alcoholism.  Now, I don’t mind this being a theme of a movie, I understand it’s a big issue in a lot of people’s lives, so it makes sense that it would be a subject in films.  However, this whole movie was basically one big lesson on the dangers of drinking.

That wasn’t my biggest problem with the movie, though.  My main issue with it probably seemed like a minor thing to most people who watched it.  While working on the court case, one of the good things that happened was the lawyer convinced them to add “Act of God” to the official documentation.

Seriously?  They were actually able to get away with saying something was an act of God in a legal case?  Please tell me how they got away with that.  I know this is a fictional story, but I just can’t get over that.  In a country that supposedly separates church and state, the two are still completely attached.  Despite the fact that it’s fiction, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this happened in real life.  This is, after all, the same country that has government officials telling people that pregnancy due to abortion happens because God wanted it to, so how different is that than an act of God being a reason in official legal proceedings?  With the GOP, continued control by churches, the never-ending fight for gay rights simply because people think it’s a sin, and the constant disputes over the religions of the presidential candidates, there is no separation, and this country is still completely controlled by the religious community.

While there is still the lack of separation, this country will always be in trouble.  Government officials will still be basing their decisions on an ancient book as opposed to what is right for the people, people will still be preventing others from their basic rights as citizens, and the country will remain torn and broken.


4 thoughts on “Separate Church and State

  1. (e)m says:

    I need some context here because “acts of God” Meaning unforseen natural disasters such as earthquakes in a place not known for earthquakes usually aren’t covered by insurance policies. So I would need more information before making a call on this one.

    Yes, this country does have a big problem with lack of seperation with both major parties (the republicans are much worse though), but the phrase “act of God” is often used in a completely metaphorical sense.

    • wordofwoz says:

      The act of God in this scenario would be a plane crash.

      • (e)m says:

        So they are calling a mechanical failure or human error an act of God? Wow. Yeah I definitely get where you’re coming from here. I really hope that this isn’t based on an actual court case and was just written by some ignorant jackass who didin’t bother to check with any legal consultants.

  2. Lana Larcher says:

    Agree entirely, and would even go so far to say that I’d want insurance companies to eliminate using “act of God” to refer to natural disasters. How about, act of nature? Considering most of these come from weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc), why can’t we just call it nature (what it is) and be done with it?

    I’m so over the seemingly subliminal Christian messages that still exist in society today.

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