…And Forget to Live

For some reason, everywhere I turn lately, there have been people discussing the subject of what they want out of life.  I cannot deny that this is an important thing to know and focus on.  Without goals in life, we are aimlessly wandering and we would never have made it where we are in this world.  Please do not take anything I am about to say to mean that I don’t value goals, purpose, and going after what we want. 

I see everybody talking about what they want out of life and where they’re going, but I see people who focus so strongly on these goals, they’re completely unadaptable, and that legitimately scares me.  As cliché as this sounds, the world is always changing and people are always changing.  It’s a touching story when we hear about those people who had a dream from when they were a child and grow up to fulfill it, but what about those people who have a dream when they’re a child, spend their whole life chasing after it, and forget to live the rest of their life?

As I’m writing this, all I can think of is a great line by the one and only Albus Dumbledore, so I shall leave you with that as a closing.


It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.


2 thoughts on “…And Forget to Live

  1. morningv says:

    “Screw the plan! Listen to what the universe is telling you and take the leap.”

  2. (e)m says:

    Well, I’m of two minds about this. One of my goals is to transition, and until I do that, I wouldn’t call anything else I do really living. Other things, like owning a restaurant, and other goals are much less important to me than living a good life. If they were more important to me, I would never take the leap to transition. Hell, the entire reason I went into restaurant work in the first place instead of something higher paying is because I wanted to do something to make a living that I actually enjoyed. It has had mixed results. Sometimes I really wish I would have just gone after a high paying job.

    But sometimes just fullfiling your goals can be what makes someones heart soar, they just see that as more important and more valueable than what other people see as the good life. And who am I to judge them for that.

    I also see absolutely nothing wrong with aimlessly wandering. The destination is death so the journey is all that matters.

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