NaBloPoMo/Is This Election Over Yet?

Well, I’ve already dropped the ball. Today was the first day of National Blog Posting Month, and I had the full intention of doing so. But then I got caught up in life and next thing I knew, it was after 2:00am. So, I guess my first post is about failing. But I will throw this in, because I think we can all relate to this poor little girl. As much as I’m fighting in this election, and as much as I have been debating, arguing, getting involved in any way I can, I’m still very tired of it and ready for it to be over. The day after the election, no matter what the outcome, I’m just going to sit back and take a breather.


4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo/Is This Election Over Yet?

  1. Midori Skies says:

    Thank you for incidentally informing me about national blog posting month. I was thinking about doing NaNoWriMo, but this sounds like more my thing. Plus it allows signups until the 5th, so it’s not too late to start. Do you know if they have any particular rules about what time of day counts for posting things daily? People are going to be in all sorts of different time zones after all, and even then people are going to be awake at different times of day. You’re not the only who blogs at 2am sometimes–and when I do that, my inclination is to consider it the same day even though technically it’s the next day. This is, incidentally, why I hate when college courses use the internet for turning things in and make the deadlines always be at midnight; sometimes my best work happens at 1am! After the deadline, of course…

  2. wordofwoz says:

    The only real rules that I am aware of, other than posting every day, are it has to be something substantial (you can’t just say “this is my post for the day” or anything like that), and you can’t write ahead of time and just set the time-thing-whatever it’s called to post it at a later date.

    • Midori Skies says:

      Ah, that makes sense. I couldn’t find any rules when I was looking, other than you must post every day. I wonder how it would count if you have a post that you draft and let sit for a day and rewrite before posting? Is there any particular official place to discuss the rules?

  3. wordofwoz says:

    I’ve been getting the majority of my information from this page, it seems like it’s fairly well-established and a good place to talk to other NaBloPoMo-ers:

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