A Truly Horrible Song

Taking a break from my usual soapbox to express just how much I really hate this song. The failed attempt at mindfucking and the petty jealousy is just beyond comprehension.
Here’s just a taste of some of the lyrics to give you an idea of how batshit insane this girl is:

I broke it off thinking you’d be cryin’ now I feel like shh looking at you flyin’ I want you back

Please, this ain’t even jealousy, she ain’t got a thing on me. Tryin’ to rock them ug-a-ly jeans

Boy, you can say anything you want, I don’t give a shh no one else can have ya

In other words, “How dare you not play into my mindgames?” “How dare you be happy after I dumped you?”
Of all the wonderful things that music can be, of all it can do for us, this is what we get.


One thought on “A Truly Horrible Song

  1. (e)m says:

    Yeah, wow those are some fucked up attitudes to have. Brings me right back to highschool where this kind of stuff was really quite common, never worked out well for anyone, but they did it anyway.

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