SlutWalk Chicago


There is no question what I will be doing on Saturday.  Recently, I found out about the phenomenon known as Slutwalks, and am very happy that I discovered it before Slutwalk Chicago took place.  So yes, this Saturday, I will be Downtown, Chicago, participating in this powerful event, walking alongside my fellow people who share the same passion and values, listening to what promises to be some wonderful speeches,and getting the word out as much as possible about this great flaw in society.

So, if you are in or anywhere near the Chicago area, please join me on Saturday for this great event.  It begins at 11:00am at Thompson Center, from there we will walk to Daley Plaza to listen to the speakers, and the day ends at 3:00pm.  I am very much looking forward to this, and I hope all of you are too!  Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope to see as many people there as possible!

Also, here is the facebook event page for further details:

I will also be posting photos of the event, probably Saturday night or Sunday.


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