Staying Home: Anti-Feminist?

Is choosing your family over a career anti-feminist?

I’ve seen a lot of questions and discussions on this topic lately.  There seem to be quite a few people under the impression that being a stay-at-home-mom as opposed to having a job or career is something close to the anti-Christ of feminism.  People believe that it is a backwards step for womankind, that the point of the feminist movement is to get women into the work-field and independent of men, and to have women staying at home with their children, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the house, etc. is exactly the opposite of what this society needs.  Maybe it’s because I hear about so much of this from my SAHM cousin so I’m seeing this issue at a pretty close perspective, but in my opinion, those who think that SAHM’s are anti-feminist are not viewing the feminism movement in a proper light.

Feminism and women’s rights are not about making sure all women are working, none of them being stuck at home with the kids anymore.  In truth, for women to reach equality, it’s not about all women working, it’s about women having the choice.  If you want to raise a family, go right ahead.  Then, at that point, it becomes up to you and your partner (if there is one) to decide what’s best for your family.  Is he going to work while you stay home?  Are you going to work while he stays home?  Are you both going to work and opt for either a nanny or daycare?  These are all acceptable answers, if that’s what you decide is the right choice for your family.  If the choice is made for you, and you have to stay home with the children, whether that’s what you want or that’s what’s best for everyone, then it becomes a problem and that’s what we’re fighting against.

Next step: fighting for better maternity benefits for working women, but I’ll save that for another day.


One thought on “Staying Home: Anti-Feminist?

  1. mandaray says:

    Agreed. The point of feminism is so that women can do whatever they choose to do with their life, just like men do. If they want to stay home and be a mom–go for it! If they don’t want to have anything to do with kids–go for that, too! It doesn’t hurt me (or other feminists) in the slightest, nor should it.

    Feminism = equality, not feeling guilty for wanting what you want.

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