We’re Not Welcome Here

Back in my high school days, I was very active in my church and the youth group there, and while I no longer attend, I am still fairly close to many people who do, and quite often find myself present for many discussions on staying strong in faith and Christianity.  They know how I feel about it, and are thankfully respectful of that, as in not putting all of their energy into converting me, and I am respectful of them and am not trying to trash everything they say.  I just wait until the conversation moves on to other things, and then jump back in.  One of the topics that I have heard come up on many occasions, however, I was unable to keep my mouth shut about, because it honestly just baffles me.

I’ve been hearing all my life how Christians have a difficult struggle in life because society will never accept their lifestyle or their choices.  Are you kidding me?  When “One Nation Under God” is a part of our nation’s pledge and stamped on our currency, when there is a church on every corner in every town in across the country, when there is a Christian club in most high schools, and yet organizations like the SSA (Secular Student Alliance) has to continue to fight with principals, school boards, and take legal action to get anything set up.

Study after study has shown that atheists are among the least trusted group in the country (as shown here), and have even been voted as less trustworthy than rapists in a few cases.  In this poll, 48% of people would refuse to vote for an atheist presidential candidate, despite anything else about the person or their qualifications (yes, I am aware that this one is a few years old, but things have not changed so drastically since then that this isn’t still a problem, so just bear with me).

The more I read about this, the more it just blows me away.  Much of it goes back to my previous post entitled No Morality Without God? as this seems to be one of the main reasons for the discrimination.  It shocks me that so many people are still viewing atheists as these horrible people who would sooner kill you than look at you and have no place in society.

This is utterly ridiculous.  I have seen many Christians talk about how they need to always be respectful of other people’s religious views, and love everyone no matter what, but apparently, that principle does not apply to the non-religious.

I guess respect for people whose views differ from your own only extends to some.


2 thoughts on “We’re Not Welcome Here

  1. Shadow Star says:

    My Aunt is always sending me email about how Christians are so persecuted in the USA. I don’t understand where she is coming from; I have seen religious prejudice, but not towards Christians.

  2. mandaray says:

    They really do seem to believe they’re a persecuted minority–I think this is a hold-over from times long past, as well as an effective means of fostering a sense of community via alienation. Basically “we’re going to stick together because the other people don’t want us here.” It causes a sense of solidarity without any real effort. Whenever I see someone talking about how Christians are a persecuted minority, my first and immediate thought is “wow, they must be really sheltered.”

    As an atheist, being rated only slightly above mass murderers when I have, in fact, never hurt another human being, is pretty annoying. To be fair, some atheists are assholes. But then again, so are some Christians. No faith, philosophy, or moral code holds exclusive rights over making people perfect, wonderful examples of humanity. They all have their good, their bad, and their wingnut extremists. The sooner the majority of people realize that, the better.

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